Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Our family pet Guinea Pig, Browny

Inspiration for my next book...let him inspire us all....

Beruang Kutub & Panda

Indonesian version of PANDA AND POLAR BEAR. Korean and Chinese translations coming out this year, I think....
I just love the sound of the title. Beruang Kutub, I think that's so cute! :-)

Book Signing at B&N

I've been slacking off on postings and now I'm doing it all at once. I'm not even sure when this event took place. Some time in '11 I suppose....

N is for North Korea

N is for North Korea – a new book coming out in Aug 2012. The North Korean issue is a serious matter and I did not take it lightly. It's a human-rights issue that touches my deep core and I hope this book adds to the public interest of it.

Speaking engagement at Bel Pre Elementry School

Speaking engagement at Lutherville elementary school