Thursday, November 29, 2012

Ms. Schindler's Kindergarten - "Panda Polar Bear Screen"

Roswell North Elementary Education Foundation in Georgia

Ms. Schindler’s kindergarten class chose to do an art piece on the topic of friendship, based upon a book called "Panda and Polar Bear" by Matthew J. Baek. In addition, Miss Schindler and the ARP parent utilized the kindergarten curriculum to teach the children how to write a story in three basic sections; beginning, middle and end. The artwork is a triptych (three panels) representation of these three sections of the story. In the beginning, there were two bears who had never met. In the middle, Panda and Polar Bear met each other. In the end, the bears became best friends despite of their differences. We read the book several times together so as to reinforce the topic ofhow to write a short story and the concept of friendship. The childrenrecreated the polar bear and panda bear characters with felt, glued on the eyesand noses, helped wrap the wooden boards with material and used a saw to cutthe bamboo. Everyone had a lot of fun working together!

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